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The company has a dedicated Raw Material feeding system catering to the manufacturing requirements. We follow a dedicated FIFO system in our Raw Material store to improve production efficiencies and minimize material rejection. The table below specifies our material capabilities:

Material Parts
1. Poluurethene Different types of Rebound Bumpers And Bushes
2. PBT Arinite Piston Rings, Bobbins, Case And Terminal Base
3. Nylon 6 & 66 Bumper Caps, Sealing Rings, Connectors, Knob Assembly
4. Nylon 6&66 GF 15% Gears, Dial, Shaft
5. Nylon 6&66 GF 30% Different Types of T-connectors for Hose Assembly, Wahser, Locking Screw
6. PA 12 Claw Bush, Lever Bushes
7. Polycarbonate Cases
8. ABS, ABS PC Housing, Cases, Covers
9. Acetal Copolymer (POM) Brackets, Throttle, Lock Plates, Swicth Cases
10. PVC Grip Assembly, Cover Foot Rest, Wire Holders, Grommet, Flaps
11. Polypropylene Guide Spring and Covers For Shock Absorbers
12. Polyethylene Clamps, Covers and Guide Springs