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We at Rikki Plastic determine our success by our ability to maximize the success of our customers- and for injection moulded plastics, we understand that tool design and mould engineering is critical to achieving that success.

We understand that there are 5 key stages that need to work together to achieve success.

Tool Design should understand the end product application, its intended performance objectives and the market requirement of the product. Focus should be given on the tool life, efficiency and performance. We also make sure that the proper maintenance of the tool is done so that the part quality is not compromised

We at Rikki Plastic Pvt. Ltd. believe in working with, rather working for, the customer. Our design teams partner with the design teams of the OEM at an early stage of the part development. Hence, we are able to minimize the cost for our customers and bring in value.

Some of the machines in our Tool room are listed below:

1. Milling Machine Precicut Taiwan 2000 1000 x 450 x 120
2. E.D.M. M/s Electronica Plastic Machine Pvt. Ltd. 2003 35 / 55/ 50 Amp.
3. E.D.M. Ratna Parkhi 2016 35 / 55/ 50 Amp
4. Lathe Machine J.J.C. Delhi 2004 3' x 200 mm
5. Lathe Machine 6' J.J.C. Delhi 1997 3' x 200 mm
6. Surface Grinder Guru Machine Tools 1997 315 x 200 x 200 mm
7. Surface Grinder Guru Machine Tools 1999 315 x 200 x 200 mm
8. Drill Machine Turn O MEch Engrs. Rajkot . 1997 20 mm
9. E.D.M. Electronica Plastic Machine Pvt. Ltd. 2006 25 Amp.
10. Milling Machine Precicut Taiwan 2006 1000 x 450 x 120