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The manufacturing practices at Rikki Plastic Pvt. Ltd. are aligned to the overall mission of creating an environment friendly organization. Our processes and techniques are designed to minimize the energy and resource consumption as well as minimize the waste produced as part of the moulding process.

We keep a track on the power energy and water consumed in each of our plants and make sure that we are continuously improving and investing in more energy efficient systems. Some of the energy activities that we perform are:

  • Invest in Energy efficient plastic molding machines
  • Construct our plants in such a way that we get enough natural light in the shop floor
  • Use of returnable packaging, like Plastic Bins or corrugated boxes made of recycled paper
  • Rainwater Harvesting in all our plants to replenish ground water
  • The management makes sure that enough plastic is recycled and that the scrap generated is minimum

Apart from the above mentioned initiatives, we at Rikki Plastic Pvt. Ltd. participate in Tree Plantation Drives to make sure our employees are also motivated and sensitive towards the environment.

As part of the community building initiatives, we at Rikki Plastic Pvt. Ltd. support local schools by offering students a free tour in our factory and also holding technical classes in our facility. The staff and top management also participates in Blood Donation Camps and do volunteering work for local community as and when needed.